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Re-Writing Women into Canad...

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Re-Writing Woman into Canadian History 1
Crédit 4
Dédicace 5
Exergue 7
Table of Contents 9
List of Illustrations 10
Acknowledgements 11
Introduction / English- and French-Canadian Literatures: “Two Solitudes”? 13
Margaret Atwood 17
Anne Hébert 21
Historical Fiction in Contemporary French- and English-Canadian Writing 23
Women’s Writing in English and French Canada 26
Chapter 1: Contemporary Canadian Historiography / Brief Historical Outline 31
Recent Trends in English-Canadian Historiography 35
Recent Trends in Québécois Historiography 43
Conclusion 50
Chapter 2: ‘Un-settling’ Canada’s Past in Margaret Atwood’s “The Journals of Susanna Moodie” 51
“Speaking” the Wilderness 52
“We Are All Immigrants to This Place” 59
The Fragmented (Colonial) Self 63
Atwood’s Later Re-Visitings of Susanna Moodie’s Writings 73
Re-Writing the Lives of Other Historical Female Figures 80
Conclusion 91
Chapter 3: Murder, Memory, and Historyin Margaret Atwood’s “Alias Grace” 93
“Alias Grace”, a Close Account of Life as a Servant in Nineteenth-Century Canada 94
The American Doctor 98
Murder, Madness, and Other Forms of Female Deviance 103
Patchwork Making and Tale Spinning: Grace’s Needlework Activities 110
The Metanarrative of the Epigraphs 114
“Grace”, Atwood’s Unpublished Play 118
Conclusion 121
Chapter 4: ‘A Few Acres of Snowy Waste’: Retrieving Quebec’s Past in Anne Hébert’s “Kamouraska” 123
Disruption and Deception: Elisabeth’s “History” 125
“Kamouraska”, or Life of the Bourgeoisie in Nineteenth-Century Quebec 138
The Native Servant 149
The American Doctor 156
Conclusion 161
Chapter 5: Wilderness, Witchcraft, and the Transformation of Women’s Past in Anne Hébert’s “La Cage” and “L’Île de la Demoiselle” 163
A Fairy-Tale “Herstory” 165
Ludivine Corriveau, Quebec’s Female “Américanité” 170
The “Cage” of Matrimony 173
“L’Île de la Demoiselle”, from Female Exile to Female Transformation 176
Conclusion 182
Chapter 6: Unearthing Quebec’s ‘Herstory’ in Anne Hébert’s “Le Premier Jardin” 185
Quebec’s Gardens of Origin 186
Naming Quebec’s “Herstory” 196
Female Artists and Women Martyrs 203
Conclusion 207
Conclusion 209
Bibliography 217

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