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Meta Incognita: a discourse...

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Cover 1
Preface 8
Foreword 14
Minister's Letter 15
Table of contents 17
Introduction: The Significance of the Frobisher Expeditions of 1576-1578 20
Resumes des études / Paper abstracts 36
The Archival Research Task Force U.K. (ARTAF) 48
Frobisher in the Context of Early English Exploration 54
A Narrative of Frobisher's Arctic Voyages 66
"A right Heroicall heart": Sir Martin Frobisher 102
Michael Lok, Mercer and Merchant Adventurer 166
The Company of Cathay: the Financing and Organization of the Frobisher Voyages 194
The Cartographic Lure of the Northwest Passage: Its Real and Imaginary Geography 242
The Medical Climate of Frobisher's England: Maritime Influences 320
John Dee's Role in Martin Frobisher's Northwest Enterprise 346
Back Cover 362

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