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A Stab at Life

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A Stab at Life 1
CHAPTER ONE. “Put the gun down, dude.” 9
CHAPTER TWO. “You may not remember me.” 18
CHAPTER THREE. “J’ai un laissez-passer,” Gilles explained and showed his badge. 27
CHAPTER FOUR. “Crap, that’s gotta be deep.” 39
CHAPTER FIVE. “We have some bad news.” 53
CHAPTER SIX. “Did I mess up your plans?” 69
CHAPTER SEVEN. “What do you think this is? The Hells and the Rock Machine?” 79
CHAPTER EIGHT. “It pierced any number of blood vessels and likely the victim’s liver and spleen.” 87
CHAPTER NINE. “I’m not saying Ronnie was an angel.” 106
CHAPTER TEN. “Thank you. You make me cry.” 120
CHAPTER ELEVEN. “I want to talk to you privately. Off the record.” 128
CHAPTER TWELVE. “A guy’s been stabbed . . .we need an ambulance!” 136
CHAPTER THIRTEEN. “I’m following Dr. Kavanaugh.” 149
CHAPTER FOURTEEN. “Talk to me? About What?I hardly know you.” 160
CHAPTER FIFTEEN. “Bringing witnesses to my boyfriend works up an appetite.” 166
CHAPTER SIXTEEN. “Should I bring a lawyer?” 171
CHAPTER SEVENTEEN. “I’d like to say it’s been a pleasure. . .” 186
CHAPTER EIGHTEEN. “I’m going to do the only thing I can.” 201
CHAPTER NINETEEN. “Some new evidence has come to my attention and I think it is best if we continued this conversation at my office.” 220
CHAPTER TWENTY “Mikel was a lovely person and did not deserve to die.” 238
CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE “Your girlfriend has good observational skills.” 244
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