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Steve Goodman

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Spine 1
Front Cover 1
Copyright 6
Table of Contents 7
Front Matter 8
Introduction 13
Chapter One: May 21, 1984 ‘Glad you’re alive —spread it around’ 17
Chapter Two: 1948-1962 A voice that ‘brought you to the music’ 37
Chapter Three: 1962-1965 ‘He was just infectious — the entire world was his clique’ 67
Chapter Four: 1965-1968 ‘He was a fireball of energy — he just exuded happiness’ 107
Chapter Five: 1969 ‘This was the time to do it — either do it or don’t’ 147
Chapter Six: January 1970-May 1971 ‘His genius and humility were the magnets’ 185
Chapter Seven: May-December 1971 ‘It wasn’t about ego or attitude — it was just this hunger’ 229
Chapter Eight: January-July 1972 ‘That’s what it’s like when you’re not in it for the chips’ 271
Chapter Nine: July-December 1972 ‘I’ll sing you a medley of Arlo Guthrie’s hit record’ 313
Chapter Ten: January 1973-June 1974 ‘It’s a family thing — it makes you feel good that they feel good’ 347
Chapter Eleven: June 1974-December 1975 ‘I want to sing to the widest variety of people I know of’ 387
Chapter Twelve: January 1976-February 1977 ‘There is no one influence?’ ‘Yeah, it’s the hectic eclectic’ 431
Chapter Thirteen: March 1977-March 1978 ‘I’m going to communicate with you if it kills me’ 477
Photo Gallery 499
Chapter Fourteen: April-December 1978 ‘This place is on fire, and I know the music has to reflect that’ 537
Chapter Fifteen: January 1979-April 1980 ‘He couldn’t play to his audience because they wouldn’t let him’ 569
Chapter Sixteen: April 1980-July 1982 ‘I hope to continue this search for what is called pop’ 593
Chapter Seventeen: July 1983-January 1984 ‘You’re dead, you’re alive, you’re dead, you’re alive ...’ 635
Chapter Eighteen: February-September 1984 ‘You just don’t understand — I’ve gotta do this’ 681
Chapter Nineteen: September 1984-beyond ‘The big bang in the little shape... this really vivid, burning coal’ 713
Back Matter 754
Index 772
Back Cover 799

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