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Is Two-Tier Health Care the...

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Cover 1
Half Title Page 2
Title Page 4
Copyright Page 5
Table of Contents 6
List of Figures 8
List of Tables 10
Introduction: The Courts and Two-Tier Medicare 12
Part I: The Context and Contestations of Public and Private in the Canadian Health Care System 24
1. Private Finance and Canadian Medicare: Learning from History 26
2. Chaoulli to Cambie: Charter Challenges to the Regulation of Private Care 48
3. Borders, Fences, and Crossings: Regulating Parallel Private Finance in Health Care 80
4. Chaoulli v Quebec: Cause or Symptom of Quebec Health System Privatization? 104
5. Experiences with Two-Tier Home Care in Canada: A Focus on Inequalities in Home Care Use by Income in Ontario 134
6. Self-Regulation as a Means of Regulating Privately Financed Medicare: What Can We Learn from the Fertility Sector? 156
Part II: Is Canada Odd? Looking at the Regulation of Public/Private Mix of Health Care in Other Countries 194
7. The Politics of Market-Oriented Reforms: Lessons from the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Netherlands 196
8. The Public-Private Mix in Health Care: Reflections on the Interplay between Social and Private Insurance in Germany 222
9. The Public-Private Mix in France: A Case for Two-Tier Health Care? 248
10. Embracing Private Finance and Private Provision: The Australian System 278
11. Embracing and Disentangling from Private Finance: The Irish System 302
12. Contracting Our Way Around Two-Tier Care? The Use of Physician Contracts to Limit Dual Practice 326
Conclusion: The Complex Dynamics of Canadian Medicare and the Constitution 346
Contributors’ Biographies 364
Acknowlegments 370
Index 372
Back Cover 386

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