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Touch in the Helping Profes...

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Cover 1
Title Page 4
Copyright 5
Table of Contents 6
Acknowledgements 12
Introduction Exploring Touch 14
Outline of the Book 19
Part I The Theory of Touch 24
Chapter I Touch Deprivation and Counselling as Healing Touch 26
Chapter II Thinking About Touch 46
Chapter III Contributions of Sensory Anthropology and Durand’s Anthropology to the Symbolic Study of Touch and the Understanding of Boundaries in Psychotherapy 64
Chapter IV Healing and the Forbidden Touch: A Reflection on Selected Scripture Stories 82
Part II The Practice of Touch in Psychotherapy 96
Chapter V The Intervention of Touch in Psychotherapy and Trauma Treatment 98
Chapter VI A Puppy’s Touch: Destressing with Dogs in a University Environment 120
Chapter VII Inter-Partner Touch in Couple Counselling: Theory and Emerging Practice 138
Part III The Practice of Touch in A Spectrum of Practice 158
Chapter VIII The Practice of the Laying on of Hands in Islamic Spiritual Care 160
Chapter IX An Angel in My Pocket: Touch, Sacred Objects, and Spiritual Coping 174
Chapter X Touch(ed) in Palliative Care Nursing: Moving with/in An Uncertain Practice 190
Chapter XI Touch in Supervision 208
Part IV The Ethics of Touch and Conclusion 224
Chapter XII The Ethics of Therapeutic Touch 226
Conclusion Issues of Touch: An Overall View and Integration 250
Touch Helps Us Thrive 251
Touching You; Touching Me; Touching Puppies; Touching in the Helping Relationships 252
Contracting Touch in the Helping Relationships 255
Clients Who Want to Touch or Be Touched 256
The Ethics of Touch 257
What Touch Might Mean Within a Therapeutic Relationship 258
Touch as Presented Within Academic Education and Training 259
Contributors 262

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