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Law and the "Sharing Economy"

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Law and the "Sharing Economy" 1
Half Title Page 2
Title Page 4
Copyright Page 5
Table of Contents 6
Acknowledgements 8
Introduction The “sharing Economy” Through The Lens of Law 10
Introduction 10
The Object of Regulation: Is There Such Thing as The “sharing Economy”? 12
Technologies of Regulation 14
Regulating Technology 16
The Site of Regulation: Local to Global 17
Regulating Markets 18
Regulating Labour 19
Conclusion 21
Notes 21
Part I Technologies of Regulation 24
Chapter I Peer Platform Markets and Licensing Regimes 26
Chapter II The False Promise of The Sharing Economy 64
Chapter III The Fast to The Furious 82
Part II Regulating Technology 122
Chapter IV The Normative Ecology of Disruptive Technology 124
Chapter V Information Law in The Platform Economy: Ownership, Control, and Reuse of Platform Data 158
Part III The Space of Regulation—local to Global 204
Chapter VI Urban Cowboy E-capitalism Meets Dysfunctional Municipal Policy-making: What The Uber Story Tells Us About Canadian Local Governance 206
Chapter VII The Sharing Economy and Trade Agreements: The Challenge to Domestic Regulation 232
Part IV Regulating Markets 270
Chapter VIII Should Licence Plate Owners Be Compensated When Uber Comes to Town? 272
Chapter IX Competition Law and Policy Issues in The Sharing Economy 304
Part V Regulating Labour 328
Chapter X The Legal Framework for Digital Platform Work: The French Experience 330
Chapter XI Uber and The Unmaking and Remaking of Taxi Capitalisms: Technology, Law, and Resistance in Historical Perspective 366
Chapter XII Making Sense of The Public Discourse on Airbnb and Labour: What about Labour Rights? 402
About The Contributors 430
Law, Technology And Media 432

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