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Jacob Isaac Segal

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Cover 1
Title Page 4
Copyright 5
Table of Contents 8
Translator’s Note 14
Preface: A Quebec Lyric Poet 16
Introduction 18
Chapter 1: Arrival in Montreal 30
Factory Work 32
First Attempts at Writing 37
In the Pages of Jewish Daily Eagle 42
The Revelation of 1917 49
The Emergence of Yiddish Literature in Montreal 54
Caiserman in Montreal 58
The Poale Zion and the Founding of the Canadian Jewish Congress 62
The Urgent Call of Zionism 66
The Failed Russian Revolution of 1905 74
The Beginnings of a Jewish Proletariat in Montreal 79
Chapter 2: Leaving Korets 92
The Dawn of 1918 95
Intimist Writing 99
The Urban Aesthetic 102
The Canadian Winter 107
An Exemplary Influence 113
The Genesis of a Yiddish Poet 117
The Korets Talmud Torah and Its Nigun 122
First Literary Influences 126
Segal’s Maternal Grandfather 132
The Great Crossing 137
Chapter 3: First Literary Success 146
Bazunder lider (1921) 150
The New York Modernist Movement 157
The Journal Nyuansn 159
Under the Wing of Mani Leib 166
Fun mayn shtub un mayn velt (1923) 171
Lider (1926) 175
Caiserman, the First Yiddish Literary Critic 180
The Canadian Landscape 184
Following the Lead of the French-Canadian Poets 191
An Emerging Literature 195
Chapter 4: Toward a Golden Age 206
New Waves of Immigration 208
The Crash of 1929 215
Literary Salons and Book Committees 218
The Sinister Echoes of Nazism 223
Idishe dikhter in kanade (1934) 231
Caiserman as Literary Historian 236
The Poet at His Peak 242
The Great Mystical Watershed 246
The Agnostic Poet Before God 253
Chapter 5: The “Years of Lead”: The Holocaust and Its Aftermath 264
First Indications of Genocide 267
The End of a World 271
New Sources of Inspiration 276
Looking Toward Montreal 281
A Mystical Leap 287
A Chorus of Praise 292
The Contribution of the Holocaust Survivors 298
The Ravitch Galaxy 302
The Yiddish Writers Association 305
Twilight Reflections 310
The Final Exile 316
Conclusion 328
Appendices 1 to 33 342
Appendix 1: J. I. Segal’s responses to the questionnaire of the Jewish Writers Club [Yud lamed peretz shrayber farayn], New York, 1923 344
Appendix 2: In Shop 346
Appendix 3: Help 347
Appendix 4: In My Little Town 349
Appendix 5: The Fundamental Principles of the Jewish Socialist Labor Party Poale-Zion 350
Appendix 6 : Autobiography of Hannaniah Meir Caiserman 351
Appendix 7: Jewish Immigration to Canada, 1901–1931 352
Appendix 8: Total Jewish Population in Canada, 1901–1931 354
Appendix 9: Di verk fun Yud Yud Segal [the work of J. I. Segal] 357
Appendix 10: “Biography of J. I. Segal” by H. M. Caiserman 358
Appendix 11: Fun mayn mames shvel [From my mother’s threshold] by J. I. Segal 360
Appendix 12: Di shtot iz mayn dorf… [The city is my village…] by J. I. Segal 362
Appendix 13: I by J. I. Segal 363
Appendix 14: Kritik vegn Yud Yud Segal [reviews of J. I. Segal’s work 364
Appendix 15: Mount Royal, by J. I. Segal 366
Appendix 16: In mayn shtub [In my room] by J. I. Segal 367
Appendix 17: “O Montreal!” by J. I. Segal 368
Appendix 18: “Dayn ondenkn, mayn Tsharnele [In your memory, my little Tsharna]” by J. I. Segal 369
Appendix 19: In nayer voynung [In my new home] by J. I. Segal (excerpt) 370
Appendix 20: New York – Korets (excerpt) by J. I. Segal 371
Appendix 21: Translation into yiddish of excerpts from the poetry of Pamphile Lemay by H. M. Caiserman 372
Appendix 22: Table of Contents H. M. Caiserman Idishe dikhter in kanade (Jewish Poets in Canada 374
Appendix 23: Tsum strayk [To the strike] (excerpt) poème de Moyshe-Leib Halpern 376
Appendix 24: Azoy zingt mir Got in oyer (This Is How God Sings in My Ear) Jacob Isaac Segal 377
Appendix 25: Footsteps by J. I. Segal 378
Appendix 26: Tishre by J. I. Segal 379
Appendix 27: Loyterkayt [Purity] by J. I. Segal 380
Appendix 28: Vayse velt [White world] by J. I. Segal 381
Appendix 29: Shpet herbst in Montreal (Late Autumn Montreal) by J. I. Isaac Segal 382
Appendix 30: Fun bal-shem-tov biz haynt [From the Baal Shem Tov to today] by J. I. Segal 383
Appendix 31: Tkhine [A Yiddish prayer] by J. I. Segal 384
Appendix 32: Light of Old [Altlikht] by J. I. Segal 385
Appendix 33: Idish lishmo [For the sake of Yiddish] by J. I. Segal 386
Appendices A to I 388
Appendix A: Poetry Collections Published by J. I. Segal 390
Appendix B: J. I. Segal’s Mailing Addresses 391
Appendix C: Published Articles by J. I. Segal Partial Chronological List of Archival Documents 392
Appendix D: Published Articles About J. I. Segal Partial Chronological List of Archival Documents 401
Appendix E: Members of the Yiddish Writers Association (Yidisher shrayber farayn) Montreal, c. 1941, with some addresses updated in 1945 410
Appendix F: List of New Members of the Montreal Yiddish Writers’ Association (Yidisher shrayber farayn) 1942–1948, with addresses 413
Appendix G: Members of the Board of the J. I. Segal Foundation, Montreal, July 1954 414
Appendix H: H. M. Caiserman Partial Chronological List of Published Articles 415
Appendix I: Articles and Books about H. M. Caiserman 419
General Bibliography 422

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