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Law, Privacy and Surveillan...

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Cover 1
Title 4
Copyright 5
Contents 6
Acknowledgements 8
Introduction 10
Part I: Understanding Surveillance 20
I Canadian Internet “Boomerang” Traffic and Mass NSASurveillance: Responding to Privacy and NetworkSovereignty Challenges 22
II Forgotten Surveillance: Covert Human IntelligenceSources in Canada in a Post-9/11 World 54
Part II: Legal Issues 78
III Foreign Intelligence in an Inter-Networked World:Time for a Re-Evaluation 80
IV Lawful Illegality: What Snowden Has Taught Usabout the Legal Infrastructure of the Surveillance State 112
V Law, Logarithms, and Liberties: Legal Issues Arisingfrom CSE’s Metadata Collection Initiatives 136
Part III: Reforms and Accountability 170
VI Permanent Accountability Gaps and Partial Remedies 172
VII The Failure of Official Accountability and the Riseof Guerrilla Accountability 214
VIII Why Watching the Watchers Isn’t Enough: CanadianSurveillance Law in the Post-Snowden Era 234
IX Stuck on the Agenda: Drawing Lessons fromthe Stagnation of “Lawful Access” Legislation in Canada 266
About the Contributors 294
Law, Technology and Media Collection 298

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